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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Basic Instincts

 No longer the rules of our fashion forefathers...Out the window of the once monochromatic man (unless on purpose for a fashion statement of course). There are fundamental building blocks to dressing well: the pattern of your tie should be bolder than the pattern on your shirt.  The color of your socks should match your pants, NOT your yes your tan and red stripe socks would work well with your tan Khaki pants.


  1. What is the new style for spring 2010?

  2. April showers due to bring in Pastel power...(suits that is) in all of the colors that men say they don't wear...tailored with defined shoulders and ankle trousers (yes for the XL man too)... Military inspired cardigans and cropped trench coats in earth tone browns, mustard and burnt orange...for those lazy days by the lake rolled up chinos and crew neck tees in vibrant colors with Bensimon sneakers ... Don't forget your Hold All Bag that come in all shapes and sizes...

    Thanks for being an Influential Male....