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Monday, March 8, 2010

What Lies Beneath...

To "V" or not to "V" that is the question...
Specific underwear styles work best with certain clothing styles, making you more comfortable and confident in the way you dress. Here's a list of underwear essentials that will have you covered for any occasion. So before you dress please select influentially...

Crew Neck Undershirt
A man should have 3-6 basic white 100% cotton crewneck undershirts. These undershirts are worn under dress shirts to control perspiration and hide body hair. They should be form-fitting and fairly thin so as not to cause extra bulk, make you hot, or compete with the outer shirt. These undershirts are not worn as outerwear.

V-Neck Undershirt
White 100% cotton V-neck undershirts
are worn under a dress shirt when you don't button the top button.
Figure on 3-6 of these in your wardrobe.
If you work in a casual office setting,
you may need even more.
Again, these undershirts are not worn as outerwear.

Tank  Top Undershirt
A tank top undershirt in 100% white cotton is the undershirt to wear during summer months to help keep you cool. Again, this style undershirt should be thin and form fitting. It is not an outerwear piece. If you perspire heavily, this undershirt style will probably not work for you.

Now come on fellas... could I forget that the purpose of this blog is to cater to my Generation XL...and yes I know that sometimes the basic undershirt just won't do and we have to pull out the BIG guns...I mean special artillery. Well for those of you who are not feminine shy have developed a "mirdle" just for you... This Man Girdle shirt not only help to minimize your mid section but also states to improve your posture. So at ease Influential Males I got you covered....

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