an Influential a well dressed man who carries himself with confidence stands out and gets noticed no matter his XL size...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Basic Instincts

 No longer the rules of our fashion forefathers...Out the window of the once monochromatic man (unless on purpose for a fashion statement of course). There are fundamental building blocks to dressing well: the pattern of your tie should be bolder than the pattern on your shirt.  The color of your socks should match your pants, NOT your yes your tan and red stripe socks would work well with your tan Khaki pants.

Aesthetically Pleasing

From the old's the small things that make a BIG difference...such as the subtle details in your appearance and it's the "confidence that you gain from knowledge that allows you to pull it off" (Pete Nordstrom, 2009).

Generation XL

The Big and Tall market apparel accounts for $6 billion in sales and includes 11% - 15% of the population (Brandweek, 2006). Generation XL is now and has been a part of history and has represented some of our most Influential Males...The term XL is becoming synonymous with strength, power and leadership... hence the meaning of an Influential Male. My hope is that through our journey you'll discover wearable, workable, inspirational essentials that express your individuality and that are designed to emphasize the best aspects of being XL....

"Why be average when you can be an Influential Male"